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First post !

Welcome and thank you for reading my very first blog post on my new blog. This blog will be about my journey to focusing more on conscious living and simplifying my life. I will share my visual treasures and document my daily life and everything else that has to do with consciousliving and simplifying. You can read more here.

With my new super exciting business AFKES i hope to inspire others by giving workshops and if needed I can help others on their way to style and simplify their homes. The amazing Martine from Omstebeurt designed my website and I would love to know what you think!

 Why I changed from to
I have always dreamed of moving to a different country. As a third culture kid I was already used to moving to different countries. I moved to Holland 14 years ago to study with the intention to go back to Africa. Something else happened instead. I met my husband Jan, we married,we had three beautiful  children..and so it never happened. Then when we never expec…

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