Maple syrup season

Every season there are so many activities to do, Canadians sure know how to celebrate and embrace every season. Now the maple syrup season has started. After making maple taffy almost two weeks ago we had to go and see how maple syrup is tapped from the trees.  During the early Spring maple sap is tapped from the trees. The sap is crystal clear and it contains 2% of sugar. To turn the sap into syrup the sap is boiled so that all the water will evaporate so that the sugar is at the right concentration and is a syrup. If you boil it a little longer the sap will crystalize and can be used as sugar. You need a lot of sap to make syrup and it takes many hours of boiling time.

We love maple syrup and eat it with our pancakes or waffles. Today I took these pictures at the Westfield Heritage village and wednesday we went to the Agapé valley sugar bush, which we liked the best.


  1. Dat is een bijzondere oogstperiode! Sinds ik maple syrup ken, vind ik onze stroop niet meer lekker.

  2. Wat bijzonder toch eigenlijk hè. Wat leuk om dat eens te bezoeken!


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