Snow candy

Snow candy / maple taffy

I've always wanted to make candy with maple syrup and snow with my children. Ever since I have been reading pioneer books like ' little house on the prairie' as a child this has been in my mind to try out. This week we got an extra 15 cm of snow and before the snow melts we had to try this.  It was a fun experiment.

All you need is : the real 100% pure maple syrup, snow, baking tray and wooden popsicle sticks. 

I first watched youtube and googled some recipes for extra research before we started. I sent the children out with the baking tray to search for clean snow and had them pack the snow on the tray. 
We heated 1 cup of maple syrup and boiled it for a rough 6 min. we poured it on the packed snow and with popsicle sticks quickly rolled it up. When the syrup touches the cold snow it becomes thick and hard. The children started eating it right away while it was still soft on the popsicle sticks and it was gone in no time. 

During the March break we hope to go and see how maple syrup is tapped from the trees and how they make the syrup. 


  1. Wat bijzonder; een recept met sneeuw!

    1. Dag Alet, Ja klopt! er valt zoveel te halen uit de natuur :-)


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