Cake plates

Today I picked up my last few pieces of ceramics that I made. I made these small cake plates and glazed them with earth colours. I'm happy how they turned out. I find the imperfections of the plates and the glazing so attractive. This ceramic adventure of mine has just begun and I'm craving to make more, hopefully after the summer....

Before I picked up my ceramics today, I went for a nice hike on the Bruce trail just outside town. I thought it would be warm around this time but I was actually walking with my mittens on!


  1. Prachtige bordjes Afke! Echt ontzettend mooi! Fijne dag vandaag! Gr. Chantal

  2. Ik vind ze prachtig. En die kleuren ook!

  3. Prachtig!!! Fijn weekend Afke! X


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