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Over the Christmas holidays we bought a much needed new laptop. Our old laptop is almost 8 years old and photoshop didn't work well anymore. My photoshop license is in the container and the container is still in Holland so I need to make time to come up with a different solution. The reason I am mentioning this is because I love photos that are of good quality and white, and my pictures aren't very white now. This shouldn't stand in my way so I will continue blogging and I hope to share lots with you. If you have any tips, I would love to hear them!

 In the meantime I am spending all my time on making pottery, dolls and my family because those are the things I love most. My husband broke his ankle two weeks ago so things have been a bit rough here lately too.

On instagram I have been a bit quiet too. Yesterday, I got this beautiful compliment on instagram that I want to share with you.

"you are such a bright spot and inspiration in the way you see the beauty everywhere you are and you seem to bloom where you are planted" 

I have been thinking about life lessons lately because moving to a different continent hasn't been easy but we feel that it's been a great blessing for us. Getting a compliment like this makes me very happy because I do feel that this move has made me bloom from the inside and it has given me much more confidence. I feel that I have gotten my true artist spirit back. I'm feeling free to experiment again and the feeling of being judged all the time is gone.

One thing thats become even more important to me is that I want to continue living my life for God, loving him and show / give that love I receive from God to others.  It's important to me what God thinks about me and not what people think about me. One key to failure is to try to please everyone, being controlled by the opinion of others takes away your authenticity, that what makes you beautiful.


  1. Zo fijn voor jullie dat het een goede beslissing is geweest, om te verhuizen naar de andere kant van de wereld.
    En je pottenbak-kunsten, die vind ik echt prachtig. Zo fijntjes, en die kleuren, gewoon mooi.

  2. Mooi om jezelf, je kern te vinden door (samen) weg te gaan. Ik heb niets met goden, geloven, maar begrijp wel dat de mensen het nodig hebben.


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